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The Numbering of the Psalms


St. Benedict, in his Rule, makes copious references to Scripture ― especially the Psalms. In referring to the Psalms we have placed the Greek and Latin number first and the Hebrew number in square brackets [   ].

Many modern translations in English divide Psalm 9 into two Psalms (which the Greek and Latin do not).

●          Psalm 9: verses 1 — 21

●          Psalm 10 verses 22 — 39

Thus from Psalm 10 to Psalm 146 inclusive, the modern English translations are one number higher than those translations from the Greek Septuagint or Latin Vulgate (and Douai Rheims or Knox English).

This numbering continues to Psalm 146 (in the Greek / Latin / Douai / Knox) and stops at verse 11. The remaining verses 12 — 20 are then called Psalm 147 in the Greek / Latin / Douai / Knox.

The remaining Psalms (148 — 150) are numbered the same in all editions. This custom merely reflects the editorial policy of the learned translators. No doctrinal bias is intended by any such policy pursued.

Christians of all denominations should respect the different customs followed in then arrangement of the Psalter, and should be familiar with the above historic practice.

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