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2. The Coming of the Deliverer


Now it happened that in these days of sorrow a child was born in an Israelite household. It was a fine healthy boy, and when his mother looked upon him, she could not find it in her heart to yield her little one to the cruel river. For three months she hid him, and when she dared keep him no longer, she took a little papyrus boat, made water-tight with pitch, and therein she laid her baby, and set the boat in the shallow water among the reeds by the river-bank. And the boy’s elder sister Miriam stood near to observe what might take place.

It so happened that the beautiful princess, daughter of the Pharaoh, came forth with her assistants and walked along the river-bank, and as she went she noticed the little boat among the reeds. Wondering what might be in it, she had it brought to her; and when she saw the baby and heard his cry, she recalled with sorrow her father’s cruel law, and she said, “This is one of the Hebrew’s children.” Miriam was quick to see her chance. Coming forward, she bowed before the princess and said, “Shall I call for you a Hebrew nurse to nurse the child for you?” And the princess, doubtless knowing well in her kindly heart the meaning of it all, agreed. So Miriam went and called her mother, and the princess gave the child into her keeping. “Take this child away,” she said, “and nurse it for me, and I will give you wages.”

So the glad mother took her baby, thus strangely given back to her, and nursed him for a season. Then she brought him back to the princess, who took him as her own son, and called his name Moses. In the great College of the Priests, in the City of the Sun, which the Greeks call Heliopolis, and the Hebrews, On, the boy was put to his schooling, and he grew and became wise in all the wisdom of the Egyptians, and was a mighty man, both in word and indeed, and, as some say, a famous soldier in the army of the tyrant king.

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