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A Simple approach to preparing for resting in the Lord



When we prepare for resting in the Lord we need to be recollected; to recall the presence of God, and the privilege given to us to approach Him and seek His blessing of peaceful abiding in each other. Sometimes this is a little harder than others. For all sorts of reasons we can feel tense, distracted, preoccupied with responsibilities, and even disinclined to prayer. If you ever experience any of these, at least be assured that it is not a sin to be human. But having said that, it would be regrettable if we habitually allowed those things to interfere with our prayer time.

We have assembled below a very simple but effective approach to becoming calm and rested. Our purpose in offering this is to help you simply to be your true self when you come to prayer; to be fully present to God, and not focussed on other things. Adapt it as you wish.

The Hebrew Catholic approach to relaxation is to be aware of the unique person God created you to be, and let all that impedes this awareness to slip away, leaving you free to present yourself to God without pretence, without clinging to any false images, notions or other obstacles.

If you wish, appropriate music can be played to help in recollection and relaxation.

As we prepare for meditation, we quietly give a moment or two for the settling of the body, the mind and our breathing. Each of these has an important role as we recollect ourselves in preparation for entering into God’s presence.



1.   Settle in seat

•    back supported
•    arms and legs at rest

2.   Feel what is touching your:

•    head
•    shoulders
•    back
•    hands
•    thighs
•    feet



1. Breathe naturally and simply be
aware of your breathing
2. Breathe in naturally to 3 counts
Breathe out slowly to 4 or 5 counts

At “rest” exhale remainder of breath and pause a split second before repeating sequence.



1.    Continue to breathe rhythmically
2.    Listen to sounds:

First         To distant far off sounds
Second     To nearby close sounds
Third        To the sounds within

Carry out this or a similar routine as suggested taking more or less time as circumstances suggest.
Then move into your meditation routine.







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