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Reflections: Not Commentaries



The notes we offer in these Gospel Reflections are not systematic commentaries. They are sets of reflections related to a specific Sunday Gospel which will help the reader consult formal commentaries approved for use by the Church. Hopefully they will provide a continuity of thought assisting a reader to identify precise points about which they want to explore further.

The reflections will often contain colloquial language as a means of clarifying a text or drawing attention to a particular situation. Their principal purpose is to facilitate the identification of key ideas for committing to memory and recalling at a later stage in meditation. Examples are provided at the end of each set, but the reader is urged to make notes and prepare their own “reflections” as a basis for returning later to the text and “feeding” upon it. This will assist in building in the memory a pool of ideas and experiences which will enable one to engage in meditation prayer whenever and wherever circumstances permit it.

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