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Appendix — SET II

Loving Christ: God the Son

Skills and Values of Special Importance



1 Learning how to draw from the Church’s vast repository of spiritual treasures. The Prologue to the Rule of St Benedict, provides a distillation of Biblical spirituality to guide everyday life and help us in our practice of self-discipline. Hebrew Catholics, together with others associated with our apostolate, are aware that there are many manifestations in the Church of authentic spirituality which draw heavily on the Hebrew Scriptures and custom. Among these, the Rule of St Benedict is a sublime example. Much of the Rule can be read to great advantage by any person of good will. The Prologue to the Rule is a beautiful “digest” of the Biblical vision of a God-centred life, and we encourage people to read our “Scriptures for Reflection” on it.

As God taught in Torah, and the Lord Jesus reiterated, loving God with all our might is the first Commandment. Everything we think, do and say must bear testimony to our belief in this the Greatest Commandment (Matthew 22: 36 to 40). St. Benedict’s Rule demonstrates how central this must be in the life of each follower of Jesus Messiah.

Our highlighting the vitality of this masterpiece of Christian spirituality demonstrates the beautiful symmetry which exists between the Hebrew and Catholic cultures, and how mutually supportive they are.

2 Understanding the nature of “mitzvah”, plural “mitzvot”: ― not just listening to God’s Word ― but doing what it commands: knowing it is God who commands. Thus guiding the performance of religious duties and good deeds, in the Light of Christ, and with warmth and genuine ardour.

3 Valuing and passing on the precepts, customs and venerable traditions of the Church. Our civilization is declining for want of fidelity to its roots and to the guidance from those appointed by Jesus Christ to provide it.

4 Promoting loyalty to the Sacred Magisterium. Actively supporting Papal teaching and priorities.

5 Defending the Faith with all one’s ability, even with one’s life if necessary. We should be clear in our minds that the Church is under full scale siege and has been seriously wounded. We need planned and sustained spiritual preparation to be able to stand for Christ in what may seem a Godless anti-theistic society.

6 Answering objections, ridicule, distortion. Those suited to this critically important role need every support to develop a high level of skill in their special role of activity seeking out and targeting false presentations of the Church’s teaching.

7 Learning how to prevent modern society “drowning out” the call of our Messiah Jesus Christ, to follow Him rather than the allurements bombarding our attention every day. Learning how to act decisively and confidently, and sufficiently to ensure Jesus Christ remains central in our lives.

8 Developing a determined attitude of preparation for spiritual warfare; and learning how to encounter and respond to opposition with task-force efficiency and effectiveness.

9 Learning how to rid our homes and lives of false idols or anything which could displace or destroy our spiritual values, and precious culture and heritage.

10 Helping others to benefit from learning to love God in real terms, remaining loyal to Jesus Christ our Messiah and Redeemer, and His Holy Church, and modelling respect for His Most Sacred Name.


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