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1. In the Classical Spanish School of St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa the term “Meditation” is used for a stage of intellectual reflection which may (and if persevered with, in due course, normally would) lead to contemplation of a kind#. The Benedictine tradition of Lectio Divina has a comparable vocabulary and stages of development.

2. Our use of the term “Scripture Meditation” prayer is not intended to lay down any sequential order in the stages of prayer or experience of prayer. There is so little knowledge in our society today of the Judaeo-Christian heritage of spirituality that we find people more accustomed to these terms in relation to non-Christian traditions. We use the term “Scriptural Meditation Prayer” as a starting point for people interested in pursuing genuine Christ-focussed prayer in their life — no matter their background. The specific approach to meditation we recommend is “The Seven ‘R’s’ of Lectio Divina”, but this is merely an aid, a way of following our model in prayer — who is no less than the Lord Jesus himself.

3. For some, the absence in our teaching of stages in meditation or contemplation and other traditional terms associated with progress in prayer may be an issue. If this is the case we recommend you discuss your needs with an experienced spiritual director.

#   “Contemplation of a kind” — traditionally the teachers of spirituality talk of “acquired contemplation” and the more advanced form of “infused contemplation.”

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