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This website is dedicated to the memory and honour of some very great people:

1.  Mary the Mother of Jesus.                         9.  St. Gabriel – Passionist – 1839 – 1862

2.  Pope St. Gregory the Great 540 – 604.      10.  Pope Pius XI 1857 – 1939*

3.  St Augustine of Canterbury.                      11.  Venerable Pope Pius XII 1876 – 1958*

4.  St. Miniato, martyr, Third century.              12.  St. Edith Stein 

5.  St. Giovanni Gualberto (John Galbert),       13.  Fr. Elias Friedman, O.C.D

6.  St. Paul of the Cross                                14.  Blessed Pope John Paul II

     7.  Pope Leo XIII 1810 – 1903*                        15.  Blessed John Henry                                                                                              (Cardinal) Newman
     8.  Pope Benedict XV 1854 – 1922*

*   Notes incorporate text from “Popes Through The Ages” by Joseph S. Brusher,
     D. Van Nostrand Company, Inc, Princeton. 1959.

A short article about and/or by each of the above is linked to the names of
these very special people. Each gave their life entirely to and for God. They
are, of course, only a few of the great Saints who have gone before us, and
by their self-sacrifice, have enabled the Holy Catholic Faith to be passed
down to us in all its pristine purity.

Blessed be the Holy Name of God.
Prayer For Pope Francis

•   Oremus pro beatissimo                         •   Let us pray for our
    Papa nostro Benedicto.                             Holy Father Pope

•   Dominus conservet                                •   May the Lord preserve
    eum, et vivificet eum,                                  him and give him life
    et beatum faciat eum in                              and make him blessed
    terra, et non tradat eum                             on earth, and not
    in animam inimicorum                                 deliver him up to the 
    eius.                                                           will of his enemies.
    Amen.                                                         Amen. 
                                                                                         Roman Breviary

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