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Three Hebrew New Testament Hymns



I     Mary’s Canticle

St. Luke 1: 46 ― 65


    My soul magnifies the Lord. 
    And my spirit rejoices in
God my saviour.

    Because he has regarded
the lowliness of his handmaid,
for behold; henceforth all
generations shall call me blessed,

    Because he who is mighty
has done great things for me,
and holy is his name.

    And His mercy is from
generation to generation towards
those who fear him.


    He has shown might with his
arm; he has scattered the proud
in the conceit of their heart.

    He has put down the mighty
from their thrones and has
exalted the lowly.
    The hungry he has filled with
good things and the rich he
has sent empty away.
    He has given help to Israel
his servant, mindful of his mercy.

    (As he promised our fathers)
towards Abraham and his
descendants forever.



 II     Zechariah’s Canticle

St. Luke 1: 68 ― 79


   Blessed be to the Lord,
the God of Israel, because
he has visited and wrought
redemption for his people,

   And has raised up a horn #
of salvation for us in the house
of David his servant,

   As he promised through
the mouths of his holy ones
the prophets from of old;

   Salvation from our enemies
and from the hands of all our

   He has fulfilled his
kindness to all our fathers
and been mindful of his holy

   In the Oath to Abraham our
father, by which he swore to
grant us


   That, delivered from the
hands of our enemies, we
should serve him without

   In holiness and justice before
him all our days. —

   And you, O child, shall be
called the prophet of the
Most High; for you will go
before the Lord to prepare
his ways,

   To give his people knowledge
of salvation through forgiveness
of their sins,

   Because of the
compassionate kindness
of our God with which the
Orient from on high will
visit us,

   To shine on those who sit in
darkness and the shadow of
death, to guide our feet into
the way of peace.

#   Horn of salvation

Historically, the horn of some animals has been used as a flask or vessel, and this has
led to a corresponding idea of a spiritual container. The horn is also a symbol of great
strength and power. The phrase “horn of salvation” was used by Zechariah who, in
blessing God, proclaimed prophetically the imminent arrival of the Son of the Most High.
This “horn” will be a vessel of powerful, effective salvation. For God to “raise up” the horn
is to signal ultimate victory over the enemy of mankind.

                                                    (J. L. McKenzie, S. J. and BibleStudyTools.com)



III     Simeon’s Canticle

St. Luke 2: 29 ― 32

“Now, Lord, you may dismiss your servant
in peace, according to your word;

For my eyes have seen your salvation,
Which you have set before all the nations,

As a light of revelation for the Gentiles
and the glory of your people Israel.”

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