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The Canticle of Zechariah

   (The Benedictus)        

Luke 1: 46 — 65   



   Blessed be the Lord,
the God of Israel, because
he has visited and
redemption for
his people,

   And has raised up a
horn #
of salvation for us
in the house
of David his

   As he promised through
the mouths of his holy
ones the prophets from of

   Salvation from our
and from the
hands of all our

   He has fulfilled his
kindness to all our
fathers and been mindful
of his holy covenant

   In the Oath to
Abraham our
father, by
which he swore to

grant us

   That, delivered from the
hands of our enemies, we
should serve him without

   In holiness and justice
him all our days. —

   And you, O child, shall
be called the prophet of
the Most High; for you will
go before the Lord to
prepare his ways,

   To give his people
of salvation
through forgiveness

of their sins,

   Because of the
compassionate kindness
of our God with which the
Orient from on high will
visit us,

   To shine on those who
sit in
darkness and the
shadow of
death, to guide
our feet into
the way of

  Horn of salvationHistorically, the horn of some animals has been used as a flask or vessel,
and this has led to a
corresponding idea of a spiritual container. The horn is also a symbol of
great strength and power.
The phrase ‘horn of salvation’ was used by Zechariah who, in blessing
God, proclaimed
prophetically the imminent arrival of the Son of the Most High. This ‘horn’ will
be a vessel of
powerful, effective salvation. For God to “raise up” the horn is to signal ultimate
victory over
the enemy of mankind.
                 (J. L. McKenzie, S. J. and Biblestudytools.com)

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