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Appendix 2

 Some Special Books

In the course of our on-going activities, we will highlight a wide range of important literature impacting upon our apostolate. At this point we draw attention to some outstanding books, with links to sources where further information can be obtained.

Many Religions, One Covenant


1.     Many Religions
                         One Covenant     
           by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger  
                     Ignatius Press,
                     San Francisco. 1999. 

2.     The Crucified Rabbi,            
y Taylor R. Marshall.    

                      St. John’s Press,
                      Texas. 2009. 

The CRucified Rabbi by Taylor Marshall

Salvation is from the Jews  Shoeman


3.     Salvation Is From the Jews,
            by Roy Shoeman.    
                      Ignatius Press,
                      San Francisco. 2003.

4.     Second Exodus,
           by Martin K. Barrack.   
                Magnificat Institute Press,
                     Houston, U.S.A. 1999.


Second Exodus  by Barrack


5.     The Mystery of Israel
         and the Church
, (4 volumes)
            by Lawrence Feingold,   
                 Miriam Press,
                      St. Louis,
                      U.S.A. 2008.

Volume I Figure and Fulfilment

Volume II Things New and Old

Volume III The Messianic Kingdom of Israel

Volume IV The Messiah of Israel (In preparation)


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