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Rule of Life

 A Biblical Vision of the Christian Life

 Reflections on the Prologue to the Rule of St. Benedict

A Hebrew Catholic Perspective

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 A Biblical Vision of the Christian Life

An Introduction


The Prologue to the Rule of St. Benedict

In ten sections


The Prologue with Reflections

With Index to ten sections


Key Principles Contained Within the Prologue


Appendix — The Numbering of the Psalms

A Rule of Life

This set of “Reflections” is offered to any person interested in having a short Rule of Life to help them in their spiritual life. The state of affairs internationally in our contemporary world is disquieting for many people. We think this short work may help individuals and small; groups to persevere in the Faith and to keep their sights and hope on the glorious Return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Reflections, as a document, is about to commence revision which is anticipated to continue through 2014/5. Any opinions and ideas readers wish to share with us as part of this process will be appreciated.


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