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 “Meet The Real Jesus!”

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Why ― “The Real Jesus?”

Jesus is the Messiah, the Anointed One.

He came to inaugurate the restoration of the Rule of God ― the Kingdom of God.

He established His Church to continue His work and take His message of love to every creature. (Mark 16: 15).

Christ our Lord ascended into Heaven after His Resurrection and final meetings with His disciples. There He reigns victoriously and intercedes for His Church, of which He remains the Head.

He will return, gloriously, to bring the Kingdom of God to perfection.

Meanwhile, the members of the Kingdom are commissioned to continue His work by service and teaching throughout the world.

They continue the work of Jesus and are guided by two sources of inspiration, namely the tradition of the Church and the Sacred Scriptures of which she is the guardian. Thus Christians seek to make known, loved and served, the Lord Jesus who became incarnate as a human being, yet now continues to intercede for us from Heaven. This is the Real Jesus who reigns with the Father and the Holy Spirit: God, forever and ever.

This Fellowship offers our particular perspective on the life and teaching of our crucified Rabbi ― Jesus Christ, as we discern this from Sacred Scripture, in harmony with the Church and the authority given to her by the Messiah Himself.

In our experience, the image many people have today of our Blessed Messiah is very unclear for a whole raft of reasons. Our research has revealed that the Jesus of the Scriptures is hidden from the sight of many who would like to know who He really is and what His real message is. Thus these great needs of our time have become our central focus.


Our “Battle Cry”



to the REAL NEEDS of the world!


From Our Point of View

During two millennia of its existence, the Christian Church has either been under direct attack, or has had to deal with excesses, heresies, renegades and all forms of private agendas. Particularly from the mid 20th Century, various forms of extreme and bizarre theatrical religious expression have misled huge numbers of people. Many of these truly sincere people were unable to detect that those they were following were shrewd, smooth opportunist imposters peddling counterfeit religion with a few Christian features added to gain acceptance.

We anticipate that most people reading this paper will not have been part of the bizarre, so-called revivals we have referred to. Nevertheless, the influence of these gravely mistaken endeavours has extended incredibly widely throughout Christianity. Their erroneous doctrines have seriously impacted upon the Faith in the most unexpected places.

Quite apart from that, in the mind of the general public, they have brought Christianity into considerable disrepute.

Jesus warned His followers of the need to be constantly on the lookout for false prophets, false messiahs, and false teaching. Despite His warnings, many Trojan Horses have been welcomed into the Christian camp and permitted to spread their destructive and infectious diseases with very serious consequences. Much damage has been and is being inflicted on a badly wounded Church.

Our tonic, if not antidote, is to encourage Christ’s members to re-centre their gaze on Jesus ― the Real Jesus of the Scriptures.


“Look For Yourself!”

In several respects, the Gospel accounts of Jesus: His life, teaching, His passion, death and resurrection, are a momentary brief glimpse into the unveiling by the Messiah of His teaching and mission.

The Gospels therefore give us “snapshots” of Jesus “at work”, faithfully recorded for all to read or listen to.

Here we find the contexts in which our Lord acted and gave His teaching. If we carefully study these in the light of the teaching authority of the Church, we actually encounter the Living Jesus ― the Real Jesus, as the infant Church experienced Him and recorded these moments.

Here we find the truth about our Lord which enables us to evaluate the many questionable representations we come across in society today. This helps empower us to reject confidently the false religious movements which sometimes all but drown us in a sea of confused, even bizarre caricatures of Christianity.

Take a look for yourself for the Real Jesus in Sacred Scripture and let the false representations expose themselves as man-made devices for the manipulation of huge numbers of sincere people seeking God and His blessings.


How We Can Help You ― Now!

The task of forming a complete overview of the life and teaching of Jesus is indeed a huge one. But it need not daunt us, since it is the greatest journey and preoccupation we can ever undertake; it is a lifetime work ― one we are all called to pursue. It is a process which cannot be hurried. Rather, we work at it, day by day, piece by piece.

We invite you to join us, week by week, in reflecting on a short passage from a Gospel account as assigned for the following Sunday worship (In the Three Year Lectionary). Our guidelines to help you are made available on-line. It could not be easier!

Even better: you can click “Contact Us” and receive weekly
our updated Reflections by e-mail and print them as you wish.


Come and Meet The Real Jesus

We invite you to read on-line (or from a copy you printed off) our “Reflections” on the Gospels. These are in “continuous narrative”; that is, they walk us through the short weekly Gospel passage and provide brief background information. Following this approach, we find we can encounter the living Lord Jesus going about His daily life and mission. This is always a joy and great encouragement, and helps us dismiss much of the misguided and anti-Christian propaganda beamed at us ceaselessly in modern society.


“Get me started!”

There are several ways to begin this wonderful journey, and you can choose from these suggestions below in any order you wish.

1.     You may like to read about aspects of meditation in general. We have several short articles by way of introduction. They are listed on our page:

See:     Scripture Meditation

2. Amongst all of the above is a very special article: The Seven R’s of Meditation. That describes our approach in three segments —

―     Preparation

―     Phase One     —     Weekly Workshop
         A weekly Gospel Workshop carried out alone
         or in a group.

―     Phase Two     —     Daily Meditation
Daily meditation on remembering the Word,
         and resting in Christ the Word.

3.     Some people may prefer to go straight into walking through one of our listed Sunday Reflections on a short Gospel text. We have listed some documents which are very straightforward and need no introduction.

See: Single Gospel Reflections“.

4.     There is also the option of following through a cluster of Reflections which have a common thread going through them.

See: Set of Gospel Reflections“.

5.     If you wish to follow the Sunday Reflections according to the Three Year International Lectionary it would pay to understand a little of how this works — and how to find out where we are up to in the Church Calendar.

See: The Three Year Lectionary

6.     There is also the option of going straight to our lists of Reflections as recorded bottom left side of the front page of the website.

See: Gospel Reflections:

Year A

Year B

Year C






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