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Introducing Ourselves

Thanks for visiting this page. We have uploaded the right hand column ― Our Branch ― which is entitled “Introducing Ourselves”. If you take a look at that we address  three different groups of people:

•    People of Jewish origin who have accepted Jesus as Messiah
     or wish to do learn more about Him and consider doing this.

•    People who are practising the Christian Faith, but have some
     Jewish connection in their family tree, and wish to connect with
     Hebrew culture in a Christian context.

•    People who have no such Jewish association whatsoever but
     wish to be part of the recovery and restoration of the Hebrew
     perspective once so visible and active within the Church.

This venture, represented on this web-site is located in the Catholic Church, where the Hebrew roots have always remained present in one form or another.

However some people reading these pages may, not belonging to any particular relational group ― or may have a strong attachment to their own Protestant denomination. Either way, they may wish to be associated with our Internet Havurah. It is very important to us to emphasise, if you are among such people, how welcome you are. We cannot say everything that needs to be said all at once, so we will simply say: If you wish to be part of this venture, then become associated by participating where you feel comfortable and let things quietly unfold at their own pace.

It is early days

We have brought together many years of work to form a kind of base platform as a starting point for individuals or small groups on which to build, or from which to draw support. It is far from perfect but we felt we should make the attempt. There are other such web-sites far more sophisticated, professional, and knowledge-filled. We hope however our modest efforts will serve a useful purpose. At the time of writing we are only just beginning to invite registration, and, so we ask our new associates to be patient with us.

First steps

1.    Our over-riding priority is always to help one another grow in our knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus ― to whom we often refer as Yeshua, our Messiah.

That is always our starting point. We reflect upon His teaching especially recorded in the Gospels. We talk about Him, we talk to Him. In so-doing we learn to love and serve Him better.

We do this always in the most straightforward way possible ― plain language and accessible by any interested person.
We therefore recommend as a first step, that you visit our “Gospels”, whether Year A, B or C. These are, we hope, straightforward reflections to help you literally “walk through” a Gospel passage and engage in some sort of encounter with Jesus, who is Christ, the Word of God.

You can do this privately, or with a small group.

If you would like some kind of help in starting off, try visiting our “Scripture Meditation” and sample some of the background reading.

By joining in Scripture Meditation, you will develop a love of meditation ― and if already familiar with that ― a closer relationship with Jesus Christ the Word of God.

If you would like to receive our weekly “Gospel Reflections”, then click here to subscribe and we will send it to you by e-mail. Unfortunately we are unable to send these to you you personally by any other means. They are also available on our web-site.

2.    A second step you may like to try is to visit our Electronic Prayer Book by clicking on “Morning and Evening Prayer”. This offers a simple arrangement of prayers, psalms, and Scriptures in a format which has evolved from the days of the infant Church. It thus reflects a balanced blend of Old and New Testament material presented in a true Hebrew Christian approach.

3.    Another step you may wish to try is something quite different: our “Mitzvah Office”. This is a form of prayer much treasured by users.

The notes attached to this will probably be enough to enable you to try it.

If your particular religious background causes you to feel awkward praying in this manner, then, by all means, pass on to something else.

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