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Hebrew Catholics

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 Association of Hebrew Catholics

Purpose and Objectives

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, a Carmelite Priest, Father Elias Friedman, O.C.D., established with the help of his friend Andrew Sholl, an Association which would serve the Church.

Among its aims are included:―


Seeking and nurturing: (Within the Church.)

1.     To gather the Jews who have entered the Church and to help re-enable their
         irrevocable calling, providing a collective and unified witness to Jesus and
         His Church;

2.     To preserve the identity and heritage of Jewish people within the Church;

3.     To provide pastoral support for those who have entered the Church;


Outreach: (Supporting the whole of the Church’s outreach.)

4.      To provide support to Jews searching and enquiring about Jesus and the Church;

5.      To be an integral part of the new evangelisation, contributing a vibrant and rich
         Jewish perspective;

6.      To be an eschatological sign of the ingrafting, which may have already begun;


Education: (Within the Church — A multi-faceted arm.)

7.      To help all Catholics understand the Jewish roots of their faith;


Witness: (To the ends of the earth.)

8.      To be a witness to the Jewish people that the cross is not the sign of persecution,
          but rather of sacrificial love, that Jesus is the glory of Israel, and that
          Catholicism is the Judaism of the Redemption;

9.      To be a witness to 4 millennia of God’s merciful providence, first to the people
          of Israel, next to the peoples of the world, and finally, to this world of the
          21st century that is in a flight from God.

10.    And finally, by our efforts to hasten the day when all Israel shall proclaim,
         “Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord”.


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