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A Gentile Catholic View

An Amazing Mixture of People

The Hebrew Catholic revival in the Church have evolved, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, involving four streams of people:

First            —      Jews entering the Catholic Church, rejoicing to be “completed”,   
                            “fulfilled” Jews —conscious that in being so, they remain Jews,
                            baptised in Yeshua HaMashiach, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Secondly    —      Members of the Church who have become aware of personal
                             family Jewish ancestry, and who feel led to reclaim their Jewish
                             heritage within the practice of their Christian Faith.

Thirdly        —      Gentile members of the Catholic Church who wish to be part
                             of this movement of the Holy Spirit and who therefore immerse
                             themselves fully in its spirituality and religious practice.

Fourthly      —      Members of other Faith Communities who, whilst sincerely
                             believing they are called to remain within their chosen Christian
                             denomination nevertheless wish spiritually to be part of this great
                             restoration within Christianity. They know they are welcome to
                             be part of the movement on this basis.

An Amazing Hebrew Catholic Literature Evolving

As Gentile members of the Church, we have been impressed at the range of books, videos and articles which have come into being over the past 40 to 50 years. There were wonderful books and pamphlets in this field long before the 1960’s, but there can be no doubt that the documents of the Second Vatican Council have spurred this on. The Popes, beginning with Pius XI and Pius XII through to our own day have been absolutely and unmistakably supportive, so that we are now witnessing a beautiful blossoming of this apostolate. The AHC Store has some excellent publications which are truly illuminating.

A Slow Unfolding

As “ordinary, average” people in the pew, we have witnessed the rapid emergence of the Messianic Jewish movement, and wondered what this signalled. In our movement we have a policy of not commenting on other organisations, unless clarifying differences for people enquiring. Our own Hebrew Catholic response has been quite different from other movements. This is, without doubt, as a result of the Holy Spirit’s influence to ensure that growth is fully integrated within the teaching and practice of the Church.

The Hebrew Catholic revival is under way — and here to stay!

Have you thought of joining us?

 Inclusive — Affirming — Warmly Hospitable

We love the inclusiveness of our Jewish members who while desiring to retain their Jewish identity, are fully integrated into the life of the Church, and who make a point of helping others feel at home in their culture. It is this beautiful blend of traditional Jewish and Catholic (often Irish) hospitality which enables us all: Jews, Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox to work together in projects, meetings or worship related to this exciting new growth within the Church.

We sincerely look forward to the future, very reassured by what is occurring in this restored apostolate. We have to remember, it is not a new aspect in the Church. After all, the Hebrew Catholic section of the Church thrived for some centuries before finally being assimilated by the massive influx of Gentile Christians from the time of the Emperor Constantine.

It is exciting to be associated with this unique phenomenon which is still a great surprise to many — within Christianity and beyond it!

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