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Hebrew Catholics

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“Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature”

(Mark 16: 15)

The real Jesus, is the real answer to the real needs of the world!

Let us remember God’s Teaching, contained in His Word and in
doing so, remain close to Him. The following are only examples
illustrating how you can note the gems the Holy Spirit highlights
for your on-going reflection.


No Grounds for the Death Penalty

Palm Sunday         Year C          St. Luke 23: 1 to 25

1. One of the most striking features of St. Luke’s narrative is the total lack of any negative criticism of anybody. He simply records the facts without any emotional judgment of any misdeed or injustice.

2. During His three years of ministry our Lord was never at loss for words. In this record of His trial before the Governor and one of the puppet Kings he had appointed , Jesus says very little, and, in fact, nothing towards His defence. Not for a moment does He lose His quiet and humble dignity which even impressed the notorious Pontius Pilate.

3. One of the most surprising items of information about Christians today is how frequently (if at all) they spend a quiet time reading and reflecting on our Lord’s last night with His Apostles, the horrifying treatment following His trial and His execution as a common criminal. Many of our great Saints have urged us to do this regularly. It is an excellent way to prepare during Holy Week for Easter.

The Church in our times desperately needs its members to keep their focus on the Lord and His self-sacrifice for us and all humanity. Let us pray for one another that we will have a heart full of gratitude for the suffering experienced for us by Jesus, and gladly take up our Cross daily for the greater glory of God.



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