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“Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature”

(Mark 16: 15)

Let us remember God’s Teaching, contained in His Word and in doing so, remain
close to Him. The following are only examples illustrating how you can note the
gems the Holy Spirit highlights for your on-going reflection.

The Great Commission

Holy Trinity      Year B           Matthew 28: 16 — 20

1.     In chapter one of St. Matthew’s Gospel an angel visits Joseph and explains to him how he is able to take Mary as his wife — who has already conceived — and the child is to be called Jesus, who will fulfil the prophecy of (Isaiah 7: 14)

So “Jesus is Emmanuel” — “God with us.”

        In the last sentence of this Gospel, Jesus says, “Behold, I am with you always — meaning, all the days, at all times, until I return in glory — at the end of the age”.

        The Gospel is therefore a beautiful outworking of how important we are to each member of the Blessed Trinity, and how they provide for us to be kept in their midst and warm embrace. All of this whilst we are dispatched to the ends of the earth to bring others into this same warm embrace by our Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifier. If we can be certain of anything it is this truth: God is with us — Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

2.     If we are going to evangelise the world — i.e. to “Gospelise” the world, the first task is to extend to others the hospitality of God in Jesus Christ. This is knowledge which Jesus teaches, but it is also His loving embrace and invitation to others to belong to God’s family. They will meet Jesus in us and in our homes, or they may never know Him! We have to believe God knows what He’s doing!

3.      The absolute nature of our Lord’s final declaration can almost blow us away:

All power …..
all nations …..
all that I commanded you …..
all the days — always.

         All that our treasured Hebrew Scriptures faithfully recorded has now come to fruition and perfect fulfilment. God’s Holy Name: Father, Son and Holy Spirit is now finally revealed to us — at the hearing of which we will always bow in humble adoration and gratitude that it is the Family Name into which we are born again and in which we will find our entire personal fulfilment.

Blessed be the Most Holy Name of God!



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