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Hebrew Catholics

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 Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature

(Mark 16: 15)

The real Jesus, is the real answer to the real needs of the world!

Let us remember God’s teaching, contained in His Word and in doing
so, remain close to Him. The following are only examples illustrating
how you can note the gems the Holy Spirit highlights for your on-going

     The Archangel Gabriel Visits Mary

Advent 4     Year B               St. Luke 1: 26 — 38

 1. We have the opportunity to meditate on many wonderful passages from the
Holy Gospels as we move through the year. Nothing will quite approach the
grandeur and loftiness of this passage from St. Luke, during which the Son of
God, Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity becomes incarnate in the womb
of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As St. John recorded it, “And the Word became
flesh ….. .” (John 1: 14). After more than 2,000 years of outworking and prophecy,
the Divine Plan moves to a new phase. St. Luke has recorded it in a style
intended to help us meditate on it and experience its power and effect. It is
good for us to read the text slowly, but with concentration, and let it draw us
in — for this is a crucial part of our Hebrew Christian heritage.

2. Our passage is one of the glorious pieces of Sacred Scripture portraying to
us the beautiful Unity of the Blessed Trinity, as it were, in operation: reminding
us of the creation account in Genesis and the powerful Presence of God
shaping the course of human history. By reflecting on these passages we
come to see, however gradually, that we are part of the process, the
unfolding and the fulfilment. This is a very important perception to develop, if
we are to be confident that we belong to and have a place in the unfolding
Plan of God.

3. The early Church was very aware of the many sacrifices Mary and Joseph
had to make to perform their special roles in the Holy Family. That God should
choose two hardly-known young people to bring up His only Son, is something
at which to marvel. That God should have first sent one of His top-ranking
archangels to convey His message to Mary and await her considered reply, is,
in itself, a manifestation of God’s love and respect for those He looks upon as
members of His Household. That should assure us of what we can expect
when we dare to listen to God’s Word, (which is His Divine Will), and carry it

Let us pray for one another to dare to let God reveal His expectations to us and to respond to them enthusiastically with an open heart and mind.



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