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Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature
(Mark 16: 15)

The real Jesus, is the real answer to the real needs of the world!
Let us remember God’s teaching, contained in His Word and in doing
so, remain close to Him. The following are only examples illustrating
how you can note the gems the Holy Spirit highlights for your on-going

The Royal Wedding Feast

Ordinary 28 Year A           St. Matthew 22: 1 to 14

1. As members of the Household of God, we are privileged to know, love
and serve God, our Father. This requires us to remain sanctified, alert,
watchful, and enthusiastic about sharing our gifts with those less
fortunate. When we err, we are to repent. We are to keep our whole heart,
mind and soul focussed on Jesus our Lord and His teaching. We are
expected to know our culture, and be willing and able to share it with

2. Our “Householder” expects us to produce the required fruit. Fruit is
not just decoration but is the gift of new life. We are the appointed
agents of distribution of this divine gift. Unless we perform this function
we will be disposed of, and the privilege and function passed to others
more willing and prepared. As with all the parables of our Blessed
Messiah, this one included, His aim is to deepen our gratitude for being
chosen as members of the Household of God, and to share His
enthusiasm for reaching out to include others. He never misses an
opportunity to drive this truth home!

3. Jesus could have dealt with the corrupt authorities of His time by a bit
of very direct talking: straight to the point. He chose, however, to embody
His warning in a parable, as it was to remain an on-going operative
principle for His Church until He returns at the end of time.

“The Church, like Israel, is subject to judgment; and, if the
Church is not vigilant,
it can be rejected just as Israel was.”                                                                                                                                      
John Meier.

Let us pray for one another to keep up our practice of studying, prayer and meditating
on Sacred Scripture, and constantly listening to Christ the Word echoing within us.
May the Word of God abide in us abundantly and produce fruit worthy of Jesus Christ
who seeks to share His Risen Life with all who accept His invitation.



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