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“Proclaim the Gospel to Every Creature”

(Mark 16: 15)

The real Jesus, is the real answer to the real needs of the world!

   Let us remember God’s teaching, contained in His Word and in doing
   so, remain close to Him. The following are only examples illustrating
   how you can note the gems the Holy Spirit highlights for your on-going

Ten Bridesmaids

Ordinary 32   Year A             St. Matthew 25: 1 to 13

1. It is easy to find reasons for believing we are “saved” or “members” of a
special privileged religious people by reciting nice little packages of proof
— always beginning with: “The Bible says ….. “. People have done it for
millennia. Our Lord tried to lead people from that mindset towards being
grateful for membership of God’s Household, and directing their energies
towards sharing this great heritage with others. That is quite a different
emphasis. Instead of constantly lamenting, “The end of the world is nigh,”
people with the mind of Christ simply get on with trying to live in and with
Him, and leave aside the calculations and predictions about His Return,
and all the hype that goes with such pre-occupation.

2. Much contemporary Christianity has settled down to a nice, comfortable interface with modern Western culture, and doesn’t “get too upset” about
anything, actually. It seems blind and deaf to what is really going on
around the world, and has little to say that sincere Christians find helpful
in their spiritual life. The warnings of Jesus and the demands He will make
upon His return are played down and greatly overshadowed by “nicer”
components of His parables or instruction. This sanitised New Testament Christianity can neutralise our Lord’s call to arms for spiritual warfare.

Our age calls for a very profound “internal audit” of our Faith and how we
are living it. Each of us can do this and take steps to re-prioritise our time,
spiritual life and use of possessions — for the greater glory of God.

3. The coming of the Messiah in Hebrew Christian culture is highlighted in
His birth, life, teaching, death and resurrection as well as His Great Return
at the end of time. These two perspectives, when given proper attention,
guide us through life and help us keep a religious balance. This is
reflected in a practical and sustainable daily spiritual routine (in the very
best meaning of the word) as well as a prudent, discerning attitude
towards living ready to welcome the Lord’s Return whenever that occurs.
Each of us can attend to all this quite effectively — it is just a matter of
taking it seriously and not becoming distracted by so many things which
can get in the way. Let’s pray for one another to keep our focus on our
Beloved Messiah and His promised Return.

Let’s pray for one another to keep our focus on our Beloved Messiah and His
promised Return. This may not be easy, but regular meditation on Sacred
Scripture will help us remain realistic and vigilant, and not give in to despair.



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