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A Visit to the Crucifix

Traditional Passionist Devotion
A Hebrew Catholic Perspective  *




Bring to mind the thought of your Angel Guardian calling you and inviting you to visit your Divine Friend, who is bleeding and dying for your sake on Mount Calvary, and who wishes to speak to your heart by showing Himself to you.

When you behold Jesus nailed to the hard, rough wood of the Cross, kneel down (either physically or inwardly) and focus your attention upon Him in His suffering on your behalf.


Lord Jesus,
Blessed are the wounds of your sacred Feet.

Thank you for all the steps you have taken for love of me.

I implore You to give me grace to follow you, in suffering gladly whatever trials may befall me for Your sake, and ever to walk in the straightway of Your Commandments.

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Lord Jesus,
Blessed is the wound of Your Side.

Thank you for having permitted it to be made, for the sake of showing me Your sacred Heart transfixed with love.

I implore You to give me grace to correspond with Your love by loving and serving you with my whole heart.


Lord Jesus,
Blessed are Your Hands which performed so many wonders.

Thank you for the innumerable benefits bestowed on me during the whole course of my life.

I implore You to give me grace always to persevere in good works, and in things worthy of eternal life.


Lord Jesus,
Blessed and venerable is Your Head crowned with sharp and poisonous spines.

Thank you for the gift of a mind capable of knowing You and learning from Your Divine Word and Holy Church.

I implore your pardon for the innumerable thoughts of anger, envy, greed and sloth, together with the love of worldly vanities, and every other sin in which I have indulged, for which you willingly gave your life.

I beg You to give me grace to have ever in my heart holy thoughts, affections and earnest desires for salvation.


Lord Jesus,
Blessed is that Mouth which tasted bitter gall, and from which words of eternal life ever flowed.

Thank you for the sacred lessons which the Divine Majesty of God has been pleased to leave us in the Holy Scriptures, as well as those which have been handed down to us by His servants: the Patriarchs, Prophets, Apostles, Martyrs and all the Saints.

I implore you to give me grace to have this divine teaching constantly present to my mind so as to be nurtured and strengthened by it.

May I for the future, restrain my tongue from speaking evil and employ it in hourly praising, blessing and adoring God’s infinite goodness.


Lord Jesus,
I proclaim with your Blessed Apostle St Thomas, in the words of the Psalmist:
“You are my Lord and my God”.

And I join St Francis Xavier, holding a crucifix in his hand as he pronounced at the moment of his death:

“Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us all”.


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