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If you were to ask any Jew who has entered the Church what they believe is the greatest gift the Faith brings them — many would say: the wonderful privilege to know, love and serve God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ — Jeshua haMashiach — Jesus the Messiah. For one accustomed to the intense and focussed devotion of Judaism in terms of studying and reciting daily the Torah (the Teaching in the first Five books of the Hebrew Scriptures), to come to know the Divine Person to whom it all pointed — Christ the Word — is a breathtaking privilege beyond description. Hebrew Catholics therefore consider the opportunity to study the Christian Scriptures — especially the Gospel accounts, as both a privilege and duty, and apply themselves to this with a vigour matching the ancient tradition of studying Torah.


It would be no surprise to fellow Christians, therefore, to learn that arising out of such intense application to the study and meditation of the Divine Word in the New Testament, its enthusiastic students are excited by the spiritual treasure they discover therein. More to the point, this passion and commitment to the Word — Christ the Word — Christ our Torah, is something we cannot “hide under a bushel”. We are compelled by the sheer power and love of our Lord’s teaching to share our thoughts and understandings. We make no claims of elevated theological perceptions, style, or novel interpretation: but only that each small passage yields priceless treasure about which we cannot remain silent when so richly blessed.


Our Reflections on the Sunday Gospel readings are a sincere attempt to share the love, wisdom and teaching of our Living Torah, Jeshua haMashiach — Jesus our Messiah — Blessed be forever His Most Holy Name.


Our readers would not be surprised when links with Old Testament themes are highlighted, as indeed the Church Lectionary clearly intends to encourage and assist. This is especially rewarding when the teaching of the Church, as exemplified for example in the Catechism of the Catholic Church is more clearly brought into focus whilst at the same time guiding the dedicated student in sound interpretation of the Sacred Scriptures.


These Reflections are intended to help readers make a regular habit of study and meditation. This practice is within every reader’s reach. Parents can use them to prepare for introducing children to the same experience at appropriate occasions using suitable portions of Scripture. Readers of any age can use them to introduce their friends or others to study and meditation.


Knowing, loving and serving God and His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit, is every Christian’s vocation. Reaching out and sharing this vocation with others is within our reach, especially via study and meditation on His Divine Word. Evangelisation, the sharing of the Good News Jesus Messiah came to impart, is within the reach of each one of us. We hope our modest offering in these Reflections will help spread the Message and Love of our Lord and extend His Kingdom on earth.


We pray that our notes may help you to experience the joy of encountering the Living Word as you study His teaching. And may you be richly blessed as you do this. Amen.

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