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“Listen To Him!” 

  • This wonderful painting of our Lord being transfigured in the
    presence of Moses and Elijah, with three of His Apostles looking
    on, has been chosen to represent the hopes of many Hebrew
    Catholic members of the Church.
  • The title we have given the painting is God’s only Commandment
    proclaimed from the heavens in the New Testament:
    “This is my chosen Son; listen to him!” Read more
  • As baptised members of the Church we are all called to carry out
    this Commandment with absolute fidelity. In our Messiah Yeshua,
    or Jesus, the Anointed One, all of God’s Teaching is embodied and
    is to be made accessible for all humanity.
  • As Hebrew Catholics we take this mitzvah — this duty — very
    seriously and focus our efforts on making Him known, loved and
    served throughout the world.
  • We invite you to read our web site articles and join us in this
    journey of Faith; working together as members of the Body of
    Jesus Christ — His Church, to the greater glory of God


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